Identifying the Perfect Fit for Clients and Candidates Is, Was and Always Will Be Our Primary Objective

Kokott Search Consultants is proud to serve the Convenience Store, Petroleum Marketing, and related industries with Retained and Contingent executive search services. Our expertise covers all departments and functions from Management to Boardroom levels.

At Kokott Search Consultants, it’s all about creating the best possible match for both the Client AND Candidate. With prior experience as employees, jobseekers, and hiring managers, we understand the importance that a great match for all parties plays in the long-term success for everyone involved.

In addition to relying on our actual convenience store and petroleum marketing industry experience, we take the NAER (National Association of Executive Recruiters) approved qualifying process to the next level. This combination of experience and best practices is why we’re able to offer clients a full one (1) year candidate replacement guarantee.

Kokott Search Consultants

From a client’s perspective, we take the time to ask the in-depth questions, visit locations whenever possible and interview hiring managers and company executives. This helps us gain a true understanding of not only the skills needed to succeed in a role, but also the key objectives the new hire will be expected to achieve. Our insight is shared with each candidate to ensure they have a clear understanding of the opportunity.

As candidates represent an equally important part in the search process, we work to ensure that they are fully qualified, are knowledgeable about all aspects of the region, company, expectations and compensation, and are motivated to pursue the opportunity to a successful offer and placement. No candidate is ever presented to a client without expressed permission to proceed.

Working with clients and candidates at the highest level of professionalism helps ensure a mutually respectful and long-term relationship.